Why is it important to take care of baby teeth?

We recommend that you visit a dentist as soon as your baby’s first milk tooth appears. The purpose of this first visit is to get your baby used to regular visits to the dentist as early as possible. Your baby will then carry an appreciation of the value and usefulness of looking after their teeth through childhood and into adulthood.

Baby teeth are vitally important to a child’s oral health.

  • They occupy the space that will be taken up by adult teeth. Losing them too early could result in there not being enough space for adult teeth to grow properly, and the child may have to wear a “spacer” to ensure that the new teeth will grow in the correct place and not become crowded.
  • Decayed milk teeth can cause infection, threatening the development of adult teeth.
  • Baby teeth represent a first stage, where your child can start forming good dental hygiene habits from an early age.