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Invisalign : the alternative to dental braces in Anjou

New technology now allows us to say goodbye to traditional teeth straightening methods. The Anjou Dental Clinic now offers invisalign treatments! These almost transparent gutters are a revolutionary alternative to dental pins. Contact us without delay for your invisalign consultation in Anjou

Invisalign technology and its benefits

Invisalign is a technology that aims to replace the teeth by applying progressive pressure through gutter. The principle is similar to that of traditional dental appliances. At the Anjou Dental Clinic, we make sure to adapt your invisalign device to your specific needs in order to guarantee a brilliant smile.

One of the main advantages of invisalign is that the gutters are almost invisible and therefore more aesthetic than the pins. They are also more comfortable compared to traditional devices; simply because they are made of a smooth material and not metal.

Invisalign allows the treatment and resolution of a multitude of oral problems. On the other hand, some cases which concern the structure of the jaw generally require other means of action such as a surgical intervention. Do not hesitate to consult the Dental Clinic Anjou to know the best options for your health and your smile.

Discover this innovative orthodontic solution at the Anjou Dental Clinic that offers you its professionalism and experience, and guarantees a bright and well-aligned smile.

Do not hesitate and contact us today for your invisalign consultation in Anjou!